Monday, September 14, 2009

WILMM: Orange rolls and straws

Why I love my man reason #2

My family is a little unorthadox. I say that because I don't know any other family that lets their daughter's boyfriend live at their house on the weekends. Mine does. You see, he lives sort of far away, not nearly as far as he used to, but far enough that the drive is cumbersome and expensive. He has a key to our house.

He comes over on Thursday night after his last class for the week and then leaves on Monday morning. I think that our couch has his body permanantly imprinted on it.

My boyfriend is wonderful. He gets along with my family great, and I love that. He plays video games with my brothers, cooks food for my family, and plays with my dog more in one day than I do in the time that he is gone (and yes, I do play with my dog).

I opened up the fridge tonight and saw that my boyfriend had left me a present. Orange Rolls. Ya'll, if you have not picked up a package of orange rolls at your local grocery store you must. They are divine. My boyfriend does stuff like this for me quite often. Last week I got sunflowers (my favorite!). One week he bought me straws. I LOVE drinking through a straw. And he knows that. So he left me some. :)

I love him. He's a keeper. :)

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