Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the blessings of a blackout

It is amazing how much we take for granted.

Electricity, for example. How often do we walk in a room, flip a switch, and actually think about how wonderful it is that when we do that the room is illuminated. Or, when you open the door to the refirdogrator or freezer, do you contemplate how it is that that massive block remains cold?

My family experienced a blackout from noon today till about eleven o'clock tonight.

I felt like I was amish. (And that's a good thing, just in case you're wondering)

We had candles lit all over the house and after my parents went to bed all three of us kids piled into the livring room and were going to sleep on the couches and floor. Just because we could. Because there were no distractions. No computers *cough*, no tv, no xbox, no phones even because all of our phones have to be plugged in and since they had been unplugged for so long they were losing charge. Just us. Entertainign each other. And it was fabulous. We were all laying in our designated spots, just talking and laughing and chatting.

Then *snaps finger*, just like that, the spell is broken. The lights get turned on and reality sets in. The phone rings. One brother is on the phone with his girlfriend. I turn on my computer. The other is sitting on the couch. All of us in one room. All of us in our own little worlds. Sad. Really, really sad.

So, while a blackout may be annoying for days on end, it's actually a nice break for an evening. I really think the amish have something going for them. I wish they blogged.

Then again, I guess that would defeat the whole purpose, now wouldn't it.

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