Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WFMW: No brown apples

We've all seen it. The apple that gets cut into slices and placed on a plate as a snack or an apple that gets chopped up and thrown in a fruit salad. Not nice fresh looking apples. I'm talking about those gross apples tha have turned brown. It has something to do with the apple flesh being exposed to air, it's sort of like a fruits version of getting rusty.

My mom always assured me that they still tasted just fine.

uh huh.

I was buying that one.

For the longest time I didn't know there was a way to prevent apples from turning brown. But now I do, so I'm going to share my nifty little trick.

It's extremly easy. All you need is a large bowl, water, salt, and, of course, your apples.

Take your bowl (big enough to contain all of your apple slices) and sprinkle the bottom with salt. It's not an exact science. Guestimate.

Fill the bowl with warm water, disolving the salt. Cut up your apples and throw them in the bowl. Once your done cutting and they've all been bathed in salty water, rinse and enjoy! No more yucky brown apples! I've also heard that this works for potatos, but have never actually tried myself.

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  1. you can also soak them in lemon juice.

  2. This tip does work for potatoes.

    And since I'm too lazy/busy to get out a bowl, I just squirt my cut-up apples with a few drops of lemon juice before putting them in the lunch sack. I've yet to receive a complaint from the lunch eaters about yucchy apples, so I guess it works.

  3. Personally, I hate the taste of lemon juice on apples so I am excited to try this idea.