Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jared: Squirrel Whisperer

Let me tell ya'll a little story.

One upon a time, on a street that was very residential a squirrel found her way and made it her home. On this street was a house with a yard. In the yard was a beautiful Chinese Elm tree, the most beautiful of all the trees available. In that tree she built a nest. Carefully, lovingly, for her future babies.

The future came and 3 darling little versions of herself emerged. Where the mommy goes after the birth of her babies no one knows, but we do know this, that the babies were old enough to eat solid food, yet still quite clumsy, and very curious.

In the house of the yard where the tree was, a boy lived. A fifteen year old boy. Now this boy, that we will call Jared, because, well, that's his name, saw the baby squirrels frolicking in the tree branches. So he did what any rational being would do, he started talking to them. Not in regular human speech, no, he...chattered. Like a squirrel. And apparently the baby squirrels spoke the same dialect as Jared because they started descending the tree, taking the branches that come down and getting close to him and watching him.

Now, of the three siblings, Shag was the bravest of them all. And, after hours of sitting under the tree chattering to the squirrels Jared started to reap the benefits of his patience and perseverance. Shag crawled down and Jared extended his hand with a peanut in it. And Shag promptly bit Jared's finger.

Unfortunately, Jared's older sister was not yet home from school to take pictures of this momentous event. However, she did take pictures once she arrived home.

The squirrel whisperer. Notice the gloves. That's because squirrels bite.

This is a squirrel feeder. It's nailed directly to the tree in which the squirrels live. On it are some peanuts, oats, pieces of kiwi and grapes. Oh, and the blue thing? A peanut butter lid containing water.

This is Shag. He's a weresquirrel.

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