Monday, September 14, 2009


Grace. Sometimes I can overflow with it. It is my middle name.

Tonight, is not one of those times. Usually I get along with my brother wonderfully. Not tonight. We rarely fight, but when we do it usually over one thing: the television.

I am rarely home, and when I am home I rarely have control of the tv. I have two little brothers and a neighbor who (like my boyfriend) lives at our house. The tv is usually hooked up to an xbox. If it's not hooked up to an xbox my dad is watching a football game or nascar race. My mom and I get the short end of the stick when it comes to the tv. Partially because my mom can't operate it...but that's another story in itself.

When I do get to watch I compromise and watch things that yes, I don't mind watching, but are not my first choice. I don't do this because I'm nice. I do it because otherwise I wouldn't be able to hear the show above all of my brother's groanings. I'm not kidding.

My family has an unspoken rule that if you leave the room for an extended period of time you forfeit your right to the tv. At least, that's my brother's rule for me. Funny, how it doesn't seem to work the other way around. And heaven FORBID I should TALK on my phone AND watch tv. Or, even worse, I read a book *GASP* and watch tv. Oh no, those are cardinal sins in my brother's book of rules about tv watching.

Unless he's the one doing it. You see, my brother got a call from his girlfriend and he left the room. For over ten minutes. Forfeit number one. Then he came back in and was so upset that I changed the channel. According to his rules, I should be allowed to. Then he continued to talk on the phone. Cardinal rule number 2. \

So, I did what any mature young adult would do. I continued to change the channel to my show. Then Greg just turned off the tv. So I left it off. If I didn't get to watch what I wanted to...neither did he. After a while he decided to go into his room. Not without taking one of the remotes and leaving the door to his room open so that he could sabotage any chance of me watching a show I like though.

So now, here I am at almost eleven at night not going into my room to sleep because he'll come in and turn on the tv.

And yes, I realize that this situation is completely juvenile and ridicules. But you know what, sometimes my sinful side gets the better of me and I just need to win.

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