Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WFMW: Edible Easter Tomb

I love Easter. Indeed, it is the greatest day in all of Christian history. The day that death was overturned, sins were permantantly removed, the viel torn down joining the holy of holies with the rest of the temple. Jesus didn't just die- He ROSE again!!

One Sunday when I taught the preschoolers at church we had this AWESOME activity. We gave the kids little balls of dough, such as pillsbury biscuits in a can. We had them roll their dough into a "tomb". We then gave each child a small marshmellow and told them that we were going to pretend that the marshmellow was Jesus. We had the kids put "Jesus" in the "tomb" and then baked the tombs for a couple of minutes. When the biscuits were done cooking we gave each kid their "tomb" back and had them crack it open to find Jesus. The heat melts the marshmellows so when the kids broke open the dough it was empty. We then used that time to explain how even though Jesus was put in the tomb He didn't stay there. It was such an awesome and simple visual for the most complex and important event in history.

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