Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WFMW:easy format for a family tree

I really enjoy learning about my family. I've been blessed in that my mom's side has a LOT of information regarding her side of the family tree.

Trying to format a family tree is not very easy though, and since I am very much a visual learner I wanted to see it all laid out.

I googled around and stumbled upon My Heritage. I really like it because you can set up your family tree, you have the option to add notes about birth, death, military, kids, random comments, ect. There is also a search option, so, say you've traced your family back a whole bunch of generations and you want to look at a particular person. Instead of having to remember which side of the family they're on or how far back you can simply start typing in the name in the search box and any names that match will pop up.

Also, if you enter in someone's information and another person who has used the website has a match or similiar entry a little green circle will pop up by their name. You can click on it and compare to other people's family trees if they're not blocked.

This website has worked for me and I love it!

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  1. Oh interesting! Thank you for sharing this site. I've never heard of it before and studying the family tree is very intriguing.