Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Knock Off Wood

I love to create things. LOVE. Whether it be gluing, sewing, sawing, planting, decorating, or hammering. I love it.

I have only worked with wood once, when I built kind of sort of helped my dad build a book case for the corner of my room. Which, turned out very well, might I add. I loved working with wood though. There is something empowering about taking a saw, hammer, drill, and raw wood and turning it into something functional.

Ana at Knock Off Wood makes amazing creations. The best part is she FREELY posts the plans on her blog for everyone else to make them too! Anyone who has a craftroom label of stuff you can make just for your CRAFTROOM is evidence enough of how awesome they are.

Seriously, when I move into my own place I'm not buying any furniture. I'm making it ALL. Like this awesome entry bench and shelf. And this  would make a great little wrapping station, don't you think? I can just imagine putting rolls of wrapping paper in one of the bottom drawers, maybe keeping one of the top shelves full of sale items in case you need a last minute gift. Get a dowel or a bar that you could put in the back of the open space and hang spools of ribbon. Then you would have all that surface area to wrap. Oh, the possibilties are endless! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this kitchen island. Doesn't it make you want to make dinner for your best friend and have them pull up a bar stool and chat with you?
What about this adorable bench and table for kids?

Go check her out! What would you make?

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