Friday, March 26, 2010

WILMM: talent

Why I love my man reason #12

My boyfriend is crazy talented. Not only in math and all that logical crap but with photography. He's taken several photo classes and done very well. He enjoys it as well. I've told him multiple times that he should be a photo major but he keeps telling me that you can't support a family with a photo major.

My girlfriend, Marlene, got married yesterday morning. It was a very short and intimate ceremony, but nice. She and her (now) husband(!!!) will be moving to Arkansas at the beginning of April and wanted to get married before they left. We went to the courthouse and in the presence of 4 witnesses declared before God and man that they would be faithful and true to one another for the rest of their life. It was beautiful.

Because their wedding was so small, they were on a budget, and Marlene is shy, there was no reception, cake, or photographer.

I recently purchased a Nikon d5000 and while I am no photographer, my boyfriend is. My boyfriend and I went with Marlene and Thom to a beautiful little setting. I told them how to stand and he took the pictures. And some of them are absolutly gorgeous. I'm so glad he was willing to take the pictures because he is precise and detailed and doesn't get frusterated if the picture doesn't turn out the right way the first time.
I am so thankful that he was so willing to come take pictures for over an hour and a half and never once complained. He really is the best. :)

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