Thursday, April 1, 2010

WILMM: choosing to love

Why I love my man reason #13

At the end of May this year my boyfriend and I will have been dating for 3 years now. 36 months.  156 weeks. 1,095 days. And he still pursues me. Every. Single. Day.

Rarely does a day pass where I do not get a text half way through work that says, "I love you, have a great day!" He has probably told me I am beautiful five times for every day we've dated. He takes me out on dates. We spend quality time together. Occasionally I get a "just because" e-mail.

Tonight I got flowers. Just because. He went to home depot to buy flowers for his mom and aunt for Easter and didn't find what he wanted. No Easter Lillies but there were sunflowers. So he baught them for me and brought them home just becuase he knows I like them. He didn't have to. I didn't expect him to. But he did. Because he is that awesome.

I cried when he gave them to me. So often I take his love for granted. It is routine. I'm used to it. And then I spend time with other couples and I watch their interactions and I think about how my boyfriend and I would act in similiar situation. More often than not I am struck with the realization of how good I have it.

I cried when my boyfriend gave me the flowers because he knows me. He sees the bad with the good. He's seen me angry and upset and happy and sad. He knows the attitude, the sharp tongue, the selfishness that I am capable of. And he still chooses to love me. And that is what brought me to tears. Indeed, love is a choice. A conscious decision. And of all the people in the world that he can love, he chooses me.

I only pray that I can express my love for him half as well as he does for me.

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