Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WFMW: packing/travel tips

I just got back from a weekend away, am going away again this weekend, and am leaving for Ireland in about three weeks. I have done my fair share of packing and traveling in the past.

Here are a few of the packing trips that work best for me. :)

1. Roll your clothes, especially pants or jeans. It really does make a big difference.

2. In the past I have used freezer sized ziplocks to pack my shirts. I fold them up like you would normally and put as many in a bag as I can. I seal the bag almost all the way across but leave a little bit unsealed. I sit on it then and squish out all the air and make it as flat as possible. Then I seal it all the way. It's sort of like vacuum sealing a bag shut- but a heck of a lot cheaper and with only using ziplocks.

3. Layer dryer sheets throughout your bag so that your clothes smell nice and clean, not musty, when you unpack.

4. If flying, pack a change of clothes and important hygeine type things like deoderant and a toothbrush in your carry on...just in case. I also pack pajama pants, or yoga type pants, that I change into on the flight if it's a long one so that I'm more comfortable.

5. Stick unmentionables and socks into shoes to save space (and embarrasment if they decide to search your bag!).

6. Downey Wrinkle Releaser spray is a must pack item. It's easy to use and works quite effectivley on wrinkled clothes.

7. Pack jewlery into sandwich sized ziplocks to avaid tangling and misplacing. (Can you tell I like ziplocks?)

8. Again, if flying, tie colorful ribbon onto your bag so that when they come off the belt you can spot it easily. I've also seen people use brightly colored duct tape to "decorate" their bag.

9. I always pack two trash bags when going away for long periods of time, especially when I know I won't have washing facilities. I put my dirty clothes in one bag and then when it is time to pack up to leave I put any extra clean clothes in the other. This makes for less laundry when I get home.

10. Pack a good book! What vacation or getaway is complete without a good book in hand?

I'm taking my laptop with me to Irleand. This will be the first time I have flown with my computer. Any good travel tips??

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  1. Great tips! Travel can be a hassle.....but you've given great advice.

    Oh...your blog title? I LOVE THAT SONG!!!
    It's one of my very favorites!


  2. Well my travel tip would be make sure to have some sort of cereal bars or small snacks with you! I know what you're thinking, why would I need them on the plane?

    But it's when you get off the plane and have to spend ages waiting for your bags, finding transport, getting stuck in traffic, getting settled into your accommodation... You'll be thankful then!! :D

    Other than that, I hope you have a brilliant time over here in Ireland! Most of us are quite lovely, don't pay any attention to the annoying fools :)

    Louisa x

  3. Good tips! One thing you may already do but didn't mention, which saves money and resources, is to save the ziploc bags in your suitcase to use again next time.

    Here's my best packing tip: When you're checking if you have everything, think from head to toe: Do I have my hair stuff? eye stuff? etc.

  4. Louisa, I am SO looking forward to coming to your country! I have heard nothing but great things. :)

  5. 'Becca- saving the ziplocks in your suit case is brillant! I honestly never thought to do that! I also like your thinking from head to toe idea. :)

  6. Hello - Good suggestions. I'm a Texas girl living in England, therefore I travel loads, with lots of overseas trips. You need to take your computer in your on board, but have it packed so it is easy to remove for security.

    I agree that you need snacks, but also for the plan. Sometimes it takes a while for the meal to be served and if the flight is near lunch, sometimes, I can get prety hungry before they serve lunch.

    Take comfortable shoes to Ireland - seriously and an umbrella and a jacket. Did I mention comfortable shoes? :-)

    Have a wonderful trip!

  7. BeckyR, thanks! I bought some comfy shoes not to long ago so I could break them in, they will get lots of use I am sure!