Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WFMW: How I'm memorizing the book of Colossians in a Year

(most of this blog entry is background about what I'm memorizing, but if you keep reading I promise you my tip for HOW I'm memorizing it will be there!)
If you're a reader of Ann's blog you're probably aware of her free printable download for a commitment booklet, memorzing the book of Colossians in a year, two verses a week. 

Here's  a commitment booklet I made.
It's a black moleskin journal in which I pasted the pages from Ann's free download.
 I knew that I didn't want to carry around the whole book with me everywhere to study from for two two reasons. One, it's pretty bulky after pasting 52 pages into it, and secondly I wanted the book to remain nice. I knew I needed something tough and sturdy to carry around, something I could easily replace if lost, and something I could easily throw into my purse or backpack.

Ding! I had an idea! So... I printed out a second set of all the pages that are posted in the book. I cut them all out and then proceeded to paste them back to back so that I could laminate them, hole punch them, and throw them on a ring.

(like the candle that I'm using to prop it up?)

Two things... the pages are actually wider than the cover I took my cover page and placed it on the BOTTOM of each rectangle on the page and trimmed all the excess at the top. If you're printing it out and looking at it it will make sense. Secondly, I couldn't put the next day on the reverse side of the card because I wanted to be able to flip it and have the second card right side up. The way the cards are printed some of the words would have gotten hole punched, so instead I pasted the 52nd weeks card onto the back of the first weeks card and so on and so forth so that when it's time to flip them at least it will be in order going the same way. I hope that makes sense?

SO. Now. A tip (I hate those WFMW posts that don't actually have a tip, don't you??)
See the little boxes that say "review" and "learn"? Here's what has been working for me, I baught some dry erase expo markers and every day my goal is to cross off those seven little boxes. Seven times a day I consciouly read, repeat, and practice those verses. I try to do it when I'm walking and stuff too, so it ends up being more than seven, but if you practice the verses seven times a day, every day, for a week that makes 49 times that you said the verse. At the end of the day I get a wet paper towel, erase my checked boxes and start over the next morning. I make it a point to stagger my seven times throghout the day and practice in between my "official" verse saying. I've found that I do it when I wake up, before I get out of my car when I get to work, and before bed every day for sure. The other four times I just fit into my day when I have a spare moment.

That's what's been working for me!


  1. Yeah! I'm really grateful to Ann for putting all the time, effort, and energy for this to be possible. It's helped a lot!