Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Review


By Daughter of the King from Arcadia, CA on 1/20/2011


5out of 5

I have been a long time reader of Ann's blog and knew this book would be amazing. I had read a lot of reviews on amazon and was almost wishing that I hadn't, not because the reviews weren't good but because they were all WONDERFUL. I was so afraid that I would get my hopes up, read the book, and then be disapointed. I am halfway through and I have been sucked in. Ann's writing is poignant and touching.

I have ordered two additional copies of the book to give away as gifts. I will continue to order this beautiful hard cover book to bless those I love.

This book will suck you in, make you feel as though you are listening to an old friend talking to you over a cup of tea, and challenge you to seek God in everything from grated cheese to soap bubbles.

Buy this book, but make sure to order two because you aren't going to want to lend out or give away your copy!



  1. I bought two copies of the book too! I'm so excited to get started reading it.

  2. oh, enjoy!! I've since then ordered MORE copies. But hey, with amazon's price at 9 bucks how can you go wrong!?!?