Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's [not] all about you

It was a normal day and I was walking across my college campus to my class when it caught my eye. A large black banner with yellow words. The banner read, "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!"  As I passed it and walked on towards class mulling the words over in my head..."all about you, all about you, all about you..."

And really, that is the world's mantra, isn't it? The world that encourages abortions because after all, "it's all about you." It's your body. Your life. Your choice. So you got pregnant, made a mistake. No problem. It's all about you, and because it's all about you, that baby, that "mass of tissue", can be disposed of the way you scrape gum off the bottom of your shoe.

Isn't that the world is screaming at us day after day? You spill your coffee in the car and get to sue the restaurant you bought it from because, hey, it's all about you. Credit card companies send out cards every day because you're entitled to have whatever you want. Never mind if you don't have the money to pay for it. It's all about you. You deserve those shoes, that car, this book, that house. You cheat on your boyfriend because he's just not cutting it for you. Never mind that he'll be heartbroken when he finds out, it doesn't matter, because it's all about you.

And isn't the world creeping into our christian circles? You don't tithe because there's just not enough money. Don't serve because there is no time. You don't love your neighbor because you haven't taken the time to meet your neighbor and you have no idea what their needs might be. And in essence, when we, the Body of Christ, do these things aren't we telling Him, "it's all about me, God."

I'd love to hang a sign on campus that says, "IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU."

Because it's not.  

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