Sunday, November 1, 2009

WILMM: pumpkin carving

WILMM reason #6 Pumpkin carving

The first year that my boyfriend and I started dating we carved a pumpkin together. I've always enjoyed carving pumpkkins. We didn't do it last year, and this year I wanted to. But with a twist. I wanted to carve a cow. :)

I tried. By myself. It failed miserably. I told my boyfriend about it and then I had to leave to babysit. When I got home my boyfriend had a huge pumpkin sitting on the table and a drawing. You know, so that the pumpkin would be structurally sound. Those were his words. "I drew a plan so that it will be structurally sound." Only a boy. :)

Well, he was right. It was structurally sound (hehe, it always makes me smile when I think of him saying that!) We carved it and let me tell you, our cow pumpkin rocks! :) Even more so because we made it together. How I love him! :)

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