Sunday, November 8, 2009

what are friends for?

I've been sick since Thursday with a fever, cough, sometimes aching ears, and now a cold. I had told my best friend that I would join her at a Guy Fawks (I didn't know who he was either, he tried to blow up parliment on Nov 5th, ever watched V for Vendetta? It talks about it briefly in the beginning) party yesterday. Ya'll, I've felt like dying. But, I felt a little bit better yesterday, so I got up and got ready to go with my friend to the party.

However, this was no normal party. And not just because we made things to burn later. Or because there was an odd assortment of people present. Very odd. The real reason it was special was because he was supposed to be there.

He is my friend's crush. Whom I have never met. And we all know that another friend's approval is important when considering a guy. Well he didn't show up. So, we made our little effigies (mine was an ant) and staid long enough not to be rude.

Then we went to bjs. I tried to cough up a lung (or two), ate, talked and just had a fun time. And that's what friend's are for. To go to weird parties that you would never normally go to to meet the boy that the friend is interested in so that you can pass approval, to moan and complain and wonder why said boy didn't show up as you leave the party, to decide that hummus, pretzels, pita bread, and carrots are not a real meal and to go to dinner after.

Oh, if I could make a book that contained only pictures of the things that my friend's and I have done and been through... but, after all, what are friends for?

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