Monday, November 16, 2009

WFMW: cheap and easy gift ideas

I love homemade gifts. I think that they have a lot of personality and they show how much you care about the person that you made it for. Christmas is coming up fast so here are some of the websites that I have found with ideas that I really like.

Heirloom Ornaments- I haven't actually tried this yet but I really want to!

Cutest tutu's EVER! My little cousin is getting one for Christmas :) I don't know why but my link doesn't like to work, however, if you click on the "vermillion rules!" thing that pops up and then look to the right you'll see the extremly detailed tutu tutorial

Family Rules Canvas- super cute! Love the idea! My Big Lots has canvas for CHEAP, so check there if you plan on making one!

Set of leaf prints- ok, so maybe you would gift this to yourself- but I love it! This is definatly something I'll be doing in my house. I love how great she made it look!

Stamped tea lights in CUTE box- These are the perfect gifts for those people that you want to give a little something but not break the bank- I'm going to be giving these to my co-workers this year.

I stole this from Kristin so if you read her blog avidly then you've probably already seen them.

Personalized family trees- She freehanded her trees- I'm NOT that creative. I googled tree clip art, found a couple that I liked and then printed them out on cardstock. I cut out the tree and used the remaning paper for a a stencil. I used a brown paint pain and just "colored" in my tree.I also bought a leaf punch and just punched my leaves out of scrapbook paper. Then I coated it all with some glossy modge podge. My canvases are really thick, so I won't frame them. They came out really cute!

Stamped coasters- she used stamps but since I don't own any stamps and I wanted to do monogrammed coasters I bought some letter stencils at wal-mart (I think they were four bucks?) and a bottle of black paint that can be used on stone (a dollar something) and then some acrylic matte gloss sealant stuff (3 bucks or so). Mine turned out really nice! I do like the stamped look though.