Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm taking a statistics class right now. The last class that I need before I can transfer from my junior college to a four year to earn my BA. Math is not my thing. Apparently statistics isn't either because I'm not doing to well. I was laying in my bed last night stressing out, thinking about how I needed to pass this class and how it would ruin everything if I don't. Ya'll, I wept. As if someone had just died. Laying there, wallowing in self-pity asking God why, WHY did he have to make it so hard for me to comprehend math?? (Pathetic...I know)

And then I get in the car this morning. My climate controlled car. I turned on my radio and I'm listening to Kay Warren speaking on aids and orphans and death. And she's getting chocked up and crying because aids and oprhans and death...they matter. I'm listening to her story of meeting a mother in Africa with aids and she asked the mother what she wanted prayer for. And Kay said she was expecting her to say something like medicine, or money for hospital bills. Do you know what she said? She said pray for my children, because after I die no one will want to take care of them.


All of a sudden whether or not I pass this class is not even in the picture. I bawled my eyes out over this stupid class. When's the last time I cried over the fact that all over the world children are alone and dying and hungry and no one cares? When is the last time I wept for the mother who was dying of aids and couldn't provide for her family? When is the last time I bawled my eyes out because of the thousands of children in foster care in the United States who are waiting for a home?

Perspective. It speaks volumes.

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