Tuesday, August 25, 2009

summer fun

Last night I had been talking on the phone with my girlfriend until pretty late. When I hung up my brother came in my room and asked if I wanted to go play some games with our other brother and neighbor. I told him sure and went to go play with him.

We played a whole bunch of games. One of them was called, "what's in your milk?" It works by one person thinking of something, anything, such as cheerios. When they have decided on the one thing they are going to answer with they tell everyone that they are ready. Then everyone else who is playing asks, "What's in your milk?" and that person has to answer whatever they chose, in this case, "cheerios." The game continues with all of the other players bombarding you with really random questions and the reply always has to be "cheerios." You don't go in a circle when asking of the questions, everyone just chimes in while the person answering has to answer. The game ends when the person answering laughs.

Then we played the question game. You go around in a circle and you ask a question to the person next to you. They in turn ask a question to the person next to them. No one ever answers the questions and you're out if you laugh or smile. James, our neighbor, was SO good at this one. I sat next to him and received my questions from him and he would ask things like, "If the couch was nailed to the ceiling would you paint that clock red?" He could do it with SUCH a serious face! I was always out, I laugh way to easily.

We also played a game where you had to talk non stop for a minute without saying "um" or "like". You were given a topic, and you could make everything up, but you had to continue talking and you couldn't say "um" or "like". If you did, you were squirted with water. It was intense. My brothers are super funny so everything they said made us laugh. I'm not funny but at least I could avoid saying "um" and "like" so happily, I remained quite dry. My one brother, Jared, got the topic of "why do the french have such small mustaches?" He RAN with it, oh man, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Then we played a whole bunch of concentration. A game that requires you to hit your knees twice, clap, and then snap. You continue doing that and the point is to keep a rhythm going. Then you choose a topic, such as fruit. One person starts by saying a fruit and you go around the circle. Each person has to say a fruit, without repeating any other fruit previously said, while keeping the rhythm. The proper time to say anything is when you are hitting your knees. If you say a fruit that's already been used or you say it out of rhythm you're out. After someone gets out you change the topic and continue until there is a winner. Ya'll, I rock at this game. :) I may not be funny but I can keep a good rhythm and have a good enough memory not to repeat things.

We stayed up until FIVE in the morning playing these games. It was so much fun. I love the last little bits of summer when you can stay up all night and sleep all day. All too soon it will be over, but the memories are wonderful!

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