Thursday, August 27, 2009

A letter to those that use the vacuum cleaner in my house

Dear fellow vacuum cleaner users,

I was hoping that this day would not come. I have begged, pleaded, yes, threatened even so that this day would not arrive. But alas, you have forced me to pen this letter. I have tried to be merciful and gracious, but you have brought this upon yourself.

I have tried to see your point of view. I have listened to your opinion. And, dear family members, you are wrong. I do not understand how hard it is to empty the canister out at the end of each use. For, in by doing so, when the next person needs to use the vacuum all they have to do is get it out and use it. But no. You insist on leaving it full.

So now, I have taken desperate measures. I have written and taped a sign onto the canister of the vacuum cleaner explaining proper vacuum cleaner canister etiquette. I am embarrased for you. Do you feel no shame? Can you imagine having visitors and them seeing that you are so inept at using the vacuum cleaner that there is now a note taped to it?

Oh family, I love you. But please, please empty out the canister!

love, your fellow vacuum cleaner user,

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