Friday, February 12, 2010

WILMM: plays and musicals

Why I love my man reason #11

Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's Day. Yes, I am aware that we were three days early, but that's what we wanted. We wanted to be able to spend a nice evening together without paying through the nose just because the date was the 14th of February and we also didn't want there to be hoards of people.

I really enjoy plays. REALLY. I'm also really starting to enjoy musicals, which at one point in timne I didn't. I think the fact that it is live is what makes the difference for me. I don't mind going and seeing it on stage but I don't want to watch a movie that's a musical. Unless it's "The Sound of Music," because that movie is just spectacular. I digress. ANYWAYS. The point is that I love going to plays and musicals. My boyfriend...not so much. But he takes me anyways!

Last year he took me to see, "Wicked." Which, might I add, was AMAZING! Yesterday we went and saw, "All Shook Up," a cute little musical that features music from Elvis.

I'm so glad my boyfriend loves me enough to go to plays and musicals with me, even if they're not his favorite. :)

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