Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WFMW: homemade cat cone

I have a cat. Her name is Smokey. I've had this kitty for over 13 years. Recently she got this gross, gaping would on her side right where her back leg meets her torso. I've done everything to keep her from licking her wound and making it worse. Everytime it starts to heal she re-opens it. I've covered it with bandaids and gauze and fabric, you name it. She always manages to get to it.
I'm home sick today from work and I was petting her and noticed that she started to lick herself raw on the OTHER side. I think she's going crazy.
I contemplated taking her to the vet to get a plastic cone thingy but I don't feel all that well and I knew they'd want to charge for other stuff as well. So i figured I could make something. How hard could it be?
My solution? A styrafoam plate! I cut a straight line into the center and then made a hole big enough to go around her neck but not so large that she could pull her head through. Then I gently pulled it apart so I could get it around her neck and used medical tape to tape the straight like that I cut. TA DA!
She sat in the exact same position for over 10 minutes. As I write she's sitting on my couch looking very grumpy.

Hooray for homemade cat-cone-no-licking-collar-things!

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