Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WILMM: memories

Why I love my man reason #10

Maybe it's because I've been home sick for two days and have had nothing better to do with my time. Maybe it's because I read people's blogs who actually have SNOW right now (it's 75 degrees where I live right now...). For whatever reason I have started looking up things about South Dakota again.

As I continue to research the city that I went to this past summer a flood of memories washed over me. The entire trip was wonderful, my sweet boyfriend was with me and my goofy brother and his buddy came along. We were all together the entire trip except for one day when boyfriend and I went sightseeing and left the other two at our cabin (upon their request). I was a little bit worried about leaving them all day because my brother's friend is deathly allergic to bees and I envisioned coming back to the cabin with firetrucks and ambulances surrounding it.

By the time we were done seeing the sights it was nearing dinner time. I wanted to go back to the cabin and make sure the boys were ok but Jason wanted to go get dinner. He could tell that I was worried about them so he suggested going back to check but then insisted that the two of us, just us, needed to get dinner.

We ate at a very quaint little family style resteraunt (that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of). The food was good, but the company was better. It was nice just to sit across from the man I love and share a meal with him. I felt honored and blessed that it was so important to him to take me out so that we could have dinner together alone.

After dinner we went to this very whimsical ice cream parlor for dessert.

It looks much brighter in person. And yes, that is a pink and purple pig on the porch. And let me tell you, this place was hopping. It was pretty late at night when we went, about nine at night or so but there were a LOT of people. I had a slice of peanut butter pie and Jason had ice cream. It was fun to just sit and watch because a lot of the locals came in and talked to the people working behind the counter. It was a true small town feeling. :)

I didn't take any pictures while we were there but I'm sort of glad. It is something that is very vivid in my memory and means a lot to me.

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