Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Bench

I love the wisdom that I can glean from other bloggers. What a beautiful blessing to be able to click on a link and be inspired.

Ann Voskamp writes with words sent from heaven, I'm convinced. Her family has a prayer bench and I find it a beautiful and simple idea.

My Grandpa made me a hope chest and I have decided that once I have my own house it will be my own prayer bench. I love the way that Ann changes her bench to reflect the season. She did
this and now this for lent.

Because I will be using my hope chest (the name is befitting is it not? a spot that will lead me and my future family to THE Hope)I will be able to store things inside of it. I'm thinking that it will be the perfect spot for my Jesse tree at Christmas, a resting spot for a Seder plate, the holding place for a menorah, and place for a box where sins can be quietly written then slipped into during lent.

I am excited to be able to create a space that will be a visual reminder to search out God and a beautiful way to train my children in the Truth.

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