Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WILMM: lead me

Why I love my man reason #20
My boyfriend is pretty introverted and shy. He has a servant's heart and I am so grateful for that.  The following statments sum him up pretty well, "Still waters run deep" and "actions speak louder than words."
Because he is so quiet there are times when he will say or do something that just blows me away. A couple of weeks ago my sweet boyfriend posted this song on his facebook with the following comment, "I love this song cause it reminds us men that we need to remember that we are suppose to be there to help lead our families spiritually. This is a good thing to think about for all of us without families yet so that we can use this time to help prepare ourselves to help led them. Summation: Learn it now so we can pass it on and not regret not being able to share more with our families." (I especially love the summation :D)

I was touched at the depth of this song because it is so true. I am not married yet but I desire a godly husband who will lead me. I was even more touched that this is my boyfriend's prayer.

On Easter we went to a sunrise service that our beautiful Bible study did together. We went to a local canyon and climbed to the top of this little hill and watched the sun rise, it was beautiful. For our little service one of the families made crosses out of popsicles and each person took a cross. On our crosses we wrote what was on our mind. Some wrote about the beauty of God in nature, others about Easter, some their favorite Bible verse or a popular song lyric.

We went around and talked about what we had written and why. It was beautiful and moving. My sweet boyfriend wrote on his cross, "Lead me". Words cannot express the love that I have for this man. It is humbling and beautiful to know that the man I will commit my life to is committing his life to Jesus so that he will be a better future husband and father.

If I know that my husband is being lead by God I can follow him anywhere.

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