Sunday, April 24, 2011

1,000 gifts list #895-905

I celebrated my birthday and Easter this past week. It was beautiful. I recognize more and more how very blessed I am, how undeserving I am of His love, how merciful and gracious He is. Fighting to keep my eyes open to His love and continuing to scratch out my list of gifts one at a time...
895) wonderful boyfriend of four years, still walks me to my car :)
896) cloudy birthday skies
897) a room full of kids perfectly imperfectly singing happy birthday
898) dinner with Jason and Daddy
899) Marlene and her sweet family creatively singing me happy birthday from 1800 miles away
900) black starling finding grubs in the grass
901) flowers underneath back porch window, all in bloom!
902) renewed arboretum pass
903) amazing grace! The fact that it pleased God to have His fullness dwell in Him...even to the point of the cross!
904) sunrise Easter service- He is risen!
905) a boyfriend who desires to be led by Christ and then subsequently be a godly leader himself

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