Tuesday, February 8, 2011

valentine's "stockings"

Do you know what I love most about Christmas? Celebrating the birth of Christ with my loved ones. But you know what I love second most?

Stockings! I think stockings are SO much fun. I have more fun unwrapping my stocking than I do my "real" gifts. My mom, sweet boyfriend, and I went to Arkansas this past Christmas and I made stockings for us, my grandparents, and my girlfriend's family. I LOVED buying the little dollar items to stick in the stockings. I also like to wrap the little things that go in the stockings, it's just so much more FUN to unwrap something!

The dollar bin at Targets had these cute little mailboxes. We're doing secret valentines at work. I considered buying one to put in my valentines mail box  but not all my gifts would have fit inside. Then on last weeks Work for Me Wednesday Jamielyn from I <3 Naptime  PIMPED out one of those dollar mailboxes.

That did it. I had to buy some. I decided to buy some for my family. *Note: Mine are NO where near as cute as hers is, but...I was making 5 out of 7 of them for boys and I know the cuteness factor would have been completly lost on them...* There are 7 mailboxes, I made one for my sweet boyfriend and another for the neighbor boy who pretty much lives at our house. I stuck some names on the front (told ya...not real fancy, lol). It's like STOCKINGS but for Valentine's Day! I put them out late Sunday night and will put little things in all week until Valentine's Day. Nothing fancy, candy, a little note, a Bible verse, ect.

Tell me you wouldn't get excited to see the little flag on your mail box up!?

(my camera's flash seems to have recorded every dust particle on our piano. *ahem*..)

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  1. Like this idea a lot. I need to go to Target today to see if there are any mailboxes left!!