Friday, December 31, 2010


The dawning of a New Year is just hours away. 2010 has been a blur for me. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

As I reflect upon the last year a few things stand out to me. My passion for Africa was sparked, I sponsored my first Compassion child. I'll never forget the day I was looking at her family's information and I read that her family lives on roughly 25 dollars a month. A month. I am so rich and I forget that so easily.

I went to Ireland in seems such a very long time ago now. A very neat exerience, even if the volcano tried to keep us there longer than we were supposed to! A wonderful time spent with Shannon, one that I will not quickly forget.

I participated in two weddings, Thom and Marlene's in March and Elizabeth and Ian's in June. The joining of two people into a beautiful partnership. I am so glad to have been able to share in their joy. A christian wedding is the best really embodies the verse that says, "taste and see that the Lord is good."

My sweet boyfriend and I shared our third year anniversary of dating in May. I went camping with my church over Memorial Day as I always do. My boyfriend and I always take a night to go out to eat alone at a particular resteraunt and I remember the drive back to our the hills were bathed in pale golden sunlight on my left and how the ocean sparkled with the setting sun on my right.

I continued my list of 1,000 gifts, being more faithful in writing them down in my little journal than posting here online. I love the way it has opened my eyes, made me aware of beauty, aware of HIM and how very much He loves me. I'm just shy of 700 and it amazes me that even though I have written down almost 700 gifts I know exactly what it was that I had written about when I re-read them. I am eagerly anticipating Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts, which will be released in January.

Completed my first quarter at a four year school. I ended my quarter with good grades and just a little more confidence than when I first went in. Just the push I needed to know that I can do it. One step closer to being done with school, one step closer to being able to become a wife.

Through all the highs there were the lows. The biggest being the loss of my sweet boyfriend's wonderful Great Grandma. A beautiful and kind woman who was gentle and caring. She had the best stories of growing up in the early 1900s and had a mind as sharp as a tack. When you're in your 90's and you fall and break your hip time is not usually on your side. Her presence is dearly missed. I am thankful that my boyfriend and I were able to spend the time with her that we could. We will see her again in heaven, she is with her Jesus and the love of her life. It is still hard though.

My second loss this year was the moving of my sweet friend Marlene to Arkansas. I was able to spend some much needed time with her at Christmas and after and it was a great blessing. I miss our time together, being able to just drop by and talk to her. Her kids are growing up and I miss not being able to share in their milestones. Our visit was beautiful and I know that we will continue to stay close, no matter what the distance.

Only God knows what 2011 will hold for my life. Highs, I am sure, but lows as well. It is during those highs and lows where I will make the conscious decision of how I choose to respond to God in each situation. I am striving to be pleasing to Him and each new day, hour, minute, is the chance to seek Him, draw closer, love more, live more fully. And that is my prayer for 2011, that I will be an active participant in my own life, not an observer from the side lines.

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