Tuesday, December 28, 2010


My trip here to the Ozarks is coming to a close and at one o'clock tomorrow I'll be boarding a plane headed for home.

It's been a nice, but difficult, trip. I'm so glad my sweet boyfriend got to meet my Great Grandma, but again, I struggled with the changes occuring in what I will always view my Grandma's house. My mom ended up coming with me as a surprise to everyone here, she too wanted to see my Great Grandma before it was to late, and she was a great source of comfort. I'm really glad she came.

Despite the changes inside the house the yard was full of cardinals, nut hatchers, chickadees, and wood peckers as always. We went walking several days and saw an armadillo more than once! A first in all the years I have come to Arkansas. Not exceptionally bright animals from what I have gathered but they have the cutest little faces!

There is something about this state, all the trees and wide expanse that has remained untouched that does my soul good. It is so refreshing to drive for hours on a long country highway with only trees and a couple of houses and cattle scattered about. My sweet boyfriend can't stand the cold...but I could very easily see myself settled in a rural state like this.

I am currently at my girlfriend's house enjoying her and her sweet babies. It's so nice to just sit and visit. She moved in April of last year and her presence has been sorely missed in my life. We've got lots of plans for today, sugar cookies with the kids, library visit, going to a hobby lobby (cause we don't have those in California!) and then preparing a delicious meal of beef pot roast, potatoes, veggies, salad, cornbread, and shortbread for dessert. Lots of laughing, picture taking, and catching up going on. :) It will end to soon but I know that I'll be back and she'll be coming to California to visit.

My girlfriend and her family came up to my Grandpa's on Christmas Eve and stayed and then left until the 26th. It was fun to see the excitment of a little one on Christmas morning break up the monotony of all the older folks. We got some flurries of snow but nothing that stuck.

I'm going to go enjoy the time I have left with my girlfiend and her sweet babies. One o'clock tomorrow will be here before I know it...back to home and work and school and life begins to pick up again.

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