Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog biography number 1

Janna published a post on Works For Me Wednesday a while ago stating that she wanted to do an autobiography of sorts for the next 15 weeks starting today. I love this idea because I am big into history and recording and fun little facts and stuff.

Today's first topic is: Details about my birth/how I got my name.


I was born on a rainy Wednesday evening in April. The firstborn of my parents three kids. My mom is a tough cookie and didn't want any unnecassray medicine used while I was being born. The nurse on duty wanted to put an internal fetal moniter on me (a little device they screw into baby's head to moniter the heart rate). My mom asked the nurse if I was in distress and when she responded that no, I wasn't, my mom told her she wasn't going to stick anything into my head. The nurse then wrote "Uncooperative" in large letters across the top of my mom's chart. :)

As my mom was being defiant my dad was fighting the flu. He didn't want to tell the doctors he was sick because he was afraid they wouldn't let him be in the room for my birth. So, in between the doctors and nurses comings and goings my dad took swigs of pepto bismol out of the bottle he had in the pocket of his shirt.

My mom gave birth to me after over 24 hours of labor (sorry mom!). I was born not breathing so they rushed me out of the room and didn't allow my mom or dad to hold me. The staff must not have been very good because they didn't tell my parents where they had taken me and no one ever came back to reassure them that I was ok. So I guess about an hour later my mom informed my dad the he needed to go find her baby.

I turned out to be ok (obviously!) and I was named Elizabeth. My mom said that she knew I would be a girl, although the doctors never told them what I was. My parents really liked the name Sarah but my last name has s's in it and it just didn't flow very smoothly. Elizabeth is my maternal great grandmother's middle name. My mom really wanted me to be called Beth but that never ended up happening.

June 17th: pre-school/kindergarden years


  1. I love that your mom was labeled "uncooperative" over something so minor. I had that kind of monitor on my second baby, but she WAS in distress and I was comforted that we could keep a better watch on her. As it turns out, her name is Elizabeth, too. It's a lovely name. We call her Elli.

    I posted late today, but it's finally up.

  2. Wow ... your parents must have been so stressed out! But then so thankful that everything was okay.

  3. Great story. I can picture your dad drinking his pepto. That stinks to be sick while your baby is being born.

  4. It's always a toss up with the hospital staff. That's really unfortunate that they didn't give your parents any info. But great story! I love the name Elizabeth {my middle name}. Can't wait to hear more!

  5. I can't imagine the torture your parents went through in that time - how horrible for them. I'm glad you were okay though... :)

  6. I've been a child of an uncooperative mother, although she might say differently, and I have been an uncooperative mother. It sure does come in handy sometimes!

  7. Wow! Hiding Pepto in his shirt! How funny. So glad everthing turned out alright.

  8. I was supposed to be Elizabeth, but it was too many syllables with my complicated last name, so I became the simpler Anne. I can't believe your parents were in uncertainty for an hour! How awful!