Sunday, November 4, 2012

what my family is getting for christmas this year

In January of 2007 my world was turned upside down when my Grandma passed away. When my birthday occurred that April I remember opening the birthday card from my Grandpa and bawling my eyes at the realization that I would never again receive a birthday card from her. My greatest regret is not having kept more of those handwritten notes from her.

So... when I saw this idea online I knew that I wanted to jump on that band wagon.

This woman took handwritten recipes, scanned them, and then sent them to a company to get them printed on fabric. She turned that fabric into these beautiful tea towels. 
I raided my family's recipe boxes, as well as my boyfriend's family's recipe boxes. Those near to me are going to get some tea towels with recipes in their loved one's handwriting.

I may not ever get a birthday card in my Grandma's handwriting again but having a sample of her writing displayed in my kitchen will be a way for me to honor her memory and cherish the few samples of her hand writing that I do have. :)

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