Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ok, have ya'll heard of the pinterest? I'm late jumping onto this bandwagon but let me tell you, I have jumped with reckless abandon. It all started when Kristin posted what she did with her kids on their last day of summer.She got her inspiration for this awesome piece of art from pinterest!

 I've spent the past two hours searching the DIY section alone. There is still a whole 'nother world of pinterest that I have left untouched!

Seriously, I am AMAZED at how creative people are. Blown away. I love, love, love making my gifts and I think that this website will come in super handy around Christmas time!

Just LOOK at some of these CUTE ideas!

How about making a memory jar of your vacations?

 Can you believe that this wreath is made from TISSUE PAPER!?

I LOVE this frame that depicts what the best things in life are! Even better- make your own with their tutorial
Wanna see what's on my pinterest boards? Have you found any awesome crafts from pinterest? Do share! :)

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