Friday, November 19, 2010

WILMM: salt

Why I love my man reason #18

A week ago today my sweet boyfriend stopped off at the grocery store to buy me some salt. Actually he stopped off at SIX grocery stores to buy me salt. I had a presentation at school on the salinity of ocean water (the reason why it's salty) and I wanted to do an experiement that involved dissolving salt in water. Normal salt makes the water cloudy, so I needed pickling salt. My sweet boyfriend offered to stop at the store and look for me on his way home. I had no idea he would go to six different stores to look for me!

He couldn't find it. Apparently pickling salt isn't a bigger seller in southern California. Who would have thought?

He bought me sea salt, with no added iodine and it worked perfectly. His willingness to take initiative and ask me if I would like him to stop at the store, and his perserverance that went above and beyond touched my heart.

And my presentation?

I got the first perfect score of the class. :)

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