Sunday, September 5, 2010

WILMM: my biggest supporter

Why I love my man reason #17

My sweet boyfriend is my biggest supporter.

No matter what I'm going through he is there, backing me up, encouring me and loving me. It could be taking a class, fights with my parents, worrying about how we're going to split time between our families, anything.

One of my best friend's got married this past June and the pastor was talking about how once you are married it is you and your spouse against the world. Not that you are looking for confrontation or confliction but simply that once you're married it's about the two of you. We have been dating for a little over three years now and when I heard that I thought to myself, "Can we be like that? Us against the world?" Yes. I think we can. And I think already we have had to start becoming like that.

Being in a relationship is tricky. Especially for things like holidays. Having to share between two immediate families (I don't even want to count the extended family) can be difficult. So I'm glad that he's my biggest supporter. That he's willing to take my hand and insinuate, "hey babe, it's me and you against the world." That feeling of always having someone on your's invaluable.

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