Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WFMW: watercolor pencils

Our kids do art at school about once or twice a month. This month the teacher had them coloring a picture of poppies with colored pencils. The twist is that they are actually watercolor colored pencils. You use them just like you would a normal colored pencil, then you take a paintbrush, dip it in water and paint over the area. The water turns the colored pencil into paint! It's really quite neat.

We used the crayola version at school. I looked EVERYWHERE here and couldn't find them.

However, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby has their own version. I got 24 watercolor pencils for about five bucks. And, since they give out 40% and 50% off coupons that makes it pretty darn affordable.
I wouldn't suggest trying to do a background with them but for something detailed, like flowers, getting really nice detail is great. The pictures that our kids colored/painted were off Iclandic Poppies printed out in grayscale. She had them trace the lines with a regular black colored pencil and then color and shade with the water color pencils. It turned out looking REALLY nice.

Watercolor pencils work for me! Check out We Are THAT Family for more tips!


  1. My children love our watercolor pencils! We usually draw lots of johnny jump-ups with them.

  2. I love using colored pencils, but haven't tried using watercolor pencils.

  3. I've seen those pencils but didn't realize what they really did...I thought htey were just supposed to give the look of watercolor paint. Thanks!! I fill up my nieces art & craft boxes for Christmas--these will go on my list this year!