Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WFMW: things to do with kids for St. Patrick's Day

When I was little my mom made us green foods for Saint Patrick's Day. Here are some fun (not at all educational) things my mom did for us when we were little.

-Green eggs for breakfast (really you could do green any kind of food)

-use a shamrock cookie cutter and pour green pancake batter onto the griddle- make shamrock pancakes!

- use a bell pepper to make shamrock stamps!

- "magic pudding", this is actually my clearest memory of being little and celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. My mom bought pistachio pudding, put it in a little tuperware container and then added the milk. The pudding itself is a very, very light green- almost white. My mom poured the milk on top, put a lid on the tuperware and let us shake it. MAGIC! It turned green!
-hide gold coins around the house, find the leprechaun's treasure!

- visit this website for some good crafts for young ones to incorporate the trinity into the shamrock :)

What do you do for your kids on Saint Patrick's Day??

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