Tuesday, October 5, 2010

fall is here!

I'm a southern California girl. And, a city girl at that. I love fall, but often times it seems as though my sunshiny state just skips right over it. Few of our trees flame with brillance and our weather can be fickle. But this fall, it's actually fall.

Apples growing on a neighborhood tree. :) A silent harvest unseen by most. I was simply fortunate enough to notice it as I walked by.

Rows of corn stalks growing high at a farm a couple of hours from my house. This city girl's heart loves to wander in fields of corn and marvels at the straight rows and laden stalks.
Pumpkin on the vine! I'm used to seeing pumpkins stacked up at the grocery store, but to see it still laying in it's bed of dirt, still attatched to the mama plant, so neat!

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  1. i know, well over here, it's kinda cool to see them more often that u will ever will in CA. Marlene