Monday, August 16, 2010

1,000 gifts list 494-502

494) all my quilt stuff baught!

495) raspberries blown on legs and laughter that follows

496) wisdom of 4 year olds

497) songs sung in Italian

498) advil working on headaches

499) baby talking in his sleep

500) halfway to 1,000!

501) buzz of cicadas on a  hot August day

502) Wal Mart ice cream

Gratitude is a living reality. A seeker has to know that his most powerful capacity is gratitude. What God has is infinite Compassion and what we have is gratitude. God's gift to man is infinite Compassion and our gift to God is an iota of gratitude to be placed at His Feet. Gratitude-power can never be surpassed. It is the only satisfaction we can offer God. This is not because God needs our gratitude but because He needs ample opportunity to enter into us in a more effective way, and gratitude increases our heart's receptivity.

(From A God-Lover's Earth-Heaven Life )

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