Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WFMW: clean bachlorette party

It's a backwards themed works for me Wednesday today, which means I get to ask a question and other people tell how what works for them.
So, here's my questions: What are some good ideas for a clean bachlorette party. My girlfriend is getting married in June and there are 7 bridesmaids other than I. I have a couple of ideas but I was wondering what other people have done that is just good clean fun! Everyone present (to my knowledge) will be christian as well so if you have anything neat that incoroporates the faith that would be awesome too! Looking forward to ideas!


  1. I did this "panty line" for my sister and she loved it!

    Just google "bridal shower panty poem". We also bought a poster of a shirtless muscly man and pasted her fiance's face on him and played "pin the bow tie on the groom".

    Before her wedding we had a "spa" night at home with facials and painting our nails, and eating luxurious snacks. It was really fun and laid back!

  2. A few ideas
    -Make bride/ bridesmaid t-shirts
    -rent and watch wedding themed chick flicks
    -Make a PG-13 rated scavenger hunt (ex: get phone numbers from 5 different guys) and hit the town, the bride will of course be wearing a tiara and sash of some sort.

  3. scavenger hunt was the idea I would say too. I like a theme - like doing a sort of "this is your life" - places she used to go, or places she went when she started dating her fiancee. Things like "take a picture at the place you had your first kiss" or "pick a leaf off the tree where you used to swing". Have fun!

  4. One of the cutest games I've played recently was when the groom was given a questionaire about the bride & their relationship. For every answer the bride got right (according to the groom) she got a pair of sexy panties, for ever one she got wrong, a pair of Granny Panties!
    Too funny!

  5. We made a video question game with the groom. Prior to the bachlorette party, we asked him a bunch of questions and videotaped his answers. Then we asked the bride the same question to see if her answer would match his. It was fun to see the results and she actually did quite well. It also helped for those who didn't know the groom well to get to know him a little better.
    We also had a slumber party and hung out, snacking, doing mani/pedis and just relaxing.

  6. Some clean ideas I've seen done are:
    Spa Day
    Wine Tasting Day Trip
    Tea Party
    Retreat Weekend

    I did not have a bachelorette party, but if I had it would have just been going out to dinner or something simple like that. You could always do a "sleep over" after dinner if you want to extend the party.